Education Initiative

The education incorporates two main focuses as it works to help the lives of local students. One part is working with the AISD student refugee population, helping these students acclimate to America and be successful in classes. The second part is a mentoring program with 16-19 year olds getting their GED. Learn more about the Education Initiative here.

A Restoration Story

Rosario's life began to spiral after the passing of her mother in 1996. The day they buried her mother she disappeared into a life of drugs. She had two beautiful daughters, and after their dad was sent to prison, Rosario was left alone to care for her girls. Then she found Faithworks, and her life turned around.

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Living a Restoration Vision
This campaign is more than simply giving to a church. It is an opportunity for you to partner with God in transforming the congregation, the city and the world.

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A Restoration Movement

Every movement begins with a question. This one is no different. What difference does it make to the world around us that we believe Jesus is God in the flesh?

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Restoring Highland

Highland wants to be a church that grows by reaching out to the unchurched and disenfranchised of Abilene.

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Restoring Abilene

Abilene is home to hundreds of homeless people. Since Jesus calls us to love our neighbor, we think homelessness is unacceptable. Highland wants to eradicate homelessness in Abilene.

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Restoring The World

Children die every day because they don't have clean water to drink. Highland wants to partner with non-profit groups to provide water to communities in third-world countries.

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The Highland Church of Christ is a church in West Texas. We live in Abilene, and we want to ask a dangerous question, “What difference does it make that we believe in Jesus?” Are the people around us better, is the city better, is the world better because we believe that Jesus is God in the flesh?