What is the ‘Called’ Campaign?

Recently at Highland, we began asking the question, “What difference does it make that we believe in Jesus?” Are the people around us better, is the city better, is the world better because we believe that Jesus is God in the flesh?
This body of believers has always sought to serve as co-laborers with God in the restoration of all things. Over the next decade, Highland’s leaders invite us to prayerfully participate in the restoration of Highland, Abilene and the world. This fall we will participate in a capital stewardship campaign titled, “Called: Living a Restoration Vision.” Contributions to the campaign will assist in launching our restoration vision.
One of the most powerful ways the church can accomplish big dreams is by encouraging people to work together for Kingdom purposes they could not accomplish on their own. While our focus this fall is on raising money, the money is part of a greater goal – to join God in His work in this world.

What role does the campaign play in the vision to restore Highland?

In 1998 Highland embarked on a $5.96 million construction project to add what is now the atrium, offices and classrooms. Since then, $4.99 million has been contributed and applied to debt service leaving a balance of $972,000. Elimination of the remaining balance frees us to align financial resources with our vision priorities.
Since the construction of our auditorium in 1955, only minimal updates have occurred, and it has begun to show its age. Therefore, the campaign also will fund targeted renovations in our auditorium, creating a safer, more welcoming space.

What role does the campaign play in the vision to restore Abilene?

Highland members have always desired to be light and leaven to the Abilene community. The 2,000 Christians who are Highland members live the gospel in classrooms, law offices, hospitals, businesses, city government, the service sector and almost every other context in Abilene. In past generations, God used Highland to create such ministries as Herald of Truth, Christian Homes of Abilene and Disability Resources, which continue to serve the community. FaithWorks, Freedom Fellowship and Grace Fellowship are examples of the heart of Highland today. God uses those ministries and many more to restore lives every day. But He calls us to do still more!
As part of our vision for restoring Abilene, God calls us to partner with others in this region to eliminate homelessness in our city. Using a housing-first model funded through the campaign, our goal is to ensure that every homeless person in Abilene has a safe, adequate place to live.
The restoration of Abilene also calls for Highland members to serve families in poverty. We can do this by providing a loving place for their children to attend after school. Highland will partner with other congregations and faith-based non-profits to demonstrate the love of Jesus to these children throughout Abilene with funds raised through this campaign.

What role does the campaign play in the vision to restore the world?

For many years, Highland has had a heart for telling God’s story all over the world. This legacy of love has shaped and formed many, but we can do more if we give more. God calls us to give away more money than we keep; therefore, our goal is to allocate 51 percent of Highland’s budget to external mission efforts.
Doing so through the campaign enables Highland to better support the missionary families we send to the nations of the world, as well as pursue new initiatives – such as microfinancing, digging water wells in developing nations and partnering in other international projects.
In all three of these aspects of the restoration vision – Highland, Abilene and the world – your support will be crucial. We ask for your talent, your time and your treasure, but we especially ask for your prayers as we embark on this exciting journey together.

How can I help answer the call?

The 11 campaign teams need your talents and gifts of service. We encourage you to volunteer for one of these teams. The success of this campaign depends on you. By helping, you will bless, and you will be blessed.
Although fundraising is an important part of the Called campaign, prayer is no less vital. We will ask you – we are asking you – to pray for guidance and direction for Highland. These three months will be a time for us to join together, committing to live out our restoration vision and use our talents, abilities and resources to bring glory to God.
This campaign is more than simply giving to a church. It is an opportunity for you to partner with God in transforming the congregation, the city and the world.

At any time, you may contact the Highland elders with questions about the campaign. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will guide us, that God will bless our efforts, and that Christ’s name will be glorified.