Called Funds Request Form


Primary Contact

Instructions: Please prayerfully and thoughtfully answer all of the following questions. Feel free to provide attachments and/or other information that you consider to be relevant to your request.
1. Describe the project and/or ministry opportunity.
2. How does this project fit in to the Ten Year Highland Vision: A RESTORATION MOVEMENT?
3. What individuals or group of individuals will benefit from the project? How many? What ages?
In what ways can/will Highland members be involved in this project? How many?
5. What will be a successful outcome for this project? What criteria will be used to determine success?
6. How will this project integrate into or coordinate with current Highland ministries?
7. What will be the involvement of Highland ministers and/or staff?
8. What resources are needed? Please identify.
Estimate total funding needed:
9. Are there other potential sources of funding for this request, other than Highland?
10. List any partners that will be involved in this project (other churches, non-profit organization, individuals, foundations, or businesses).
11. What is the time frame for this project...beginning to end?
Is this request for one-time funding or does it create an ongoing obligation?
If it's ongoing, what will be required to sustain this, volunteers, etc?
12. Are there any legal implications for Highland Church of Christ?