Restoring the World
Looking at the world through the eyes of a child can be an eye-opening experience. Children can take a complex problem and suggest a simple, but appropriate solution. Ask children, “What can we do about pollution?” Their reply, “Pick up the trash.” Simple answer, yet right on target.

It’s the same in our faith community.

“What does the Lord your God require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” This verse, found in Micah 6:8, is posted on the wall of one of Highland’s elementary classrooms. Recently, these words took on new meaning as our kids had a chance to reflect on this intriguing question: I wonder what it means to restore the world…?

Their answers were simple, but showed the care and concern they have for God’s world and His people, not just in Abilene, but across the globe as well.

“When God restores the world, he puts love in our hearts for others.” “We can give a drink of clean water.” “We tell people about Jesus.” “We can help a poor person have a better life.”

These statements, made by our kids, served as the foundation for our conversation as we talked about God’s preferred future and our role in joining Him at work in the world.

We can give a drink of clean water – Liam’s Wells

In January during Highland’s mission month, the His Kids Ministry began partnering with our sweet friend, Liam Lowe, to provide clean drinking water for people in Africa. This partnership was facilitated by “The Water Project,” a non-profit organization that helps build wells in poor communities in countries where access to clean water is life saving and life changing. Our kids raised more than $1700 to help the world become a better place through life-giving water.

As a faith community, it matters to us that children die every day because they do not have the basic necessities of life. As part of a restoration movement, “What can we do?” should be our natural response. We can tell people about Jesus – Focus on Missions

For many years, Highland has had a heart for missions, for telling God’s story all over the world. This legacy of love has shaped and formed many, but we can do more if we give more. Our hope is to allocate 51% of Highland’s budget to external mission efforts. We want to give away more money than we keep. It matters to us that there are people in the world who do not know the love of Jesus. When restoration of the world exists, “Where else can we go?” will be one of our questions.

We can help a poor person have a better life – Explore Micro-Financing

Sometimes a little goes a long way. A small donation, even just $25, can create a partnership with a microfinance organization. These not-for-profit organizations provide small loans to the working poor that banks and other financial institutions do not usually serve. Often for those living in poverty it is difficult to provide for their families because they do not have access to cash and other financial services. Microfinance is one way to help poor individuals lift themselves out of poverty by loaning the necessary funds to develop a business or learn a trade. Each microfinance loan goes to a person with a story to tell, and these stories are part of God’s story.

As followers of Jesus, we care about the poor. The children of Highland said it best: “When God restores the world, He puts love in our hearts for others.”

As we live God’s story together, join our children in wondering what restoration of the world can be, and let this question capture your heart and imagination, too.

I wonder what it means to restore the world…