Libby VanHouten
Libby went into a mission trip to Denver with some preconceived notions about the people she would be working with. As the week went on, and she got to know the homeless people of Denver, those preconceived notions fell apart. The next year in Chicago, Libby put her newfound love for the homeless into action.
Rosario and Faithworks
Rosario's life had begun to spiral out of control after her mother passed away in 1996. A life of drugs and running had left her with few options. She moved to Abilene with her daughters, and found Faithworks. Faithworks helped Rosario find her feet again. She's now been working as a certified welder for two years and is closer than ever to her two beautiful daughters. We are so proud of Rosario. Her life is a walking testimony to the power of God's restoration.